St. Mark’s Heritage Church Upgrade

The Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society is so happy to announce that work has begun on the roof of St. Mark’s Heritage Church. The roof is being replaced with a metal roof that will last for generations to come!

There is lots more work to be done, after this project, the Society will move on to the next phase.

This is due to funding from the Federal Government of Canada (ACOA) and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Congratulations to Dr. Iris Petten

On behalf of all of us here on the Port de Grave Peninsula we want to congratulate Dr. Iris Petten, President of the Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society.

Taken from the Memorial University Facebook page:

Dr. Iris Petten received an honorary doctor of laws degree this morning!

Dr. Petten is an entrepreneur, a corporate executive and a community volunteer and a person who takes a special interest in promoting and supporting women in leadership positions.

She also steered Memorial’s Board of Regents as board chair with a steady hand for nine years. Her dedication to our university has been invaluable.

During this morning’s convocation ceremony, Dr. Petten addressed the assembled graduates and guests in the Arts and Culture Centre auditorium. She shared some of the knowledge she gleaned along her personal path of growth and success.

“I learned how [my mentors] pushed me beyond my comfort zone. When they pushed me hard and expected me to learn more, to live up to the job at hand, I grew as a person. The best lessons I learned came from reaching beyond what I knew, and avoiding staying with what I was comfortable with.”

Congratulations, Dr. Petten, and to all our graduates who are now officially members of the Memorial University Alumni family! #MUNgrad2022

ID: Dr. Iris Petten is pictured at centre in academic dress. She is surrounded by dozens of members of her family in front of a claret backdrop.

Come Home Year Community Cleanup Project 2022

UPDATE: On May 28th, we had several people show up and picked areas for cleanup. We want to thank them and looking forward to seeing more people tomorrow! Drop by the Annex Building to pick up your t-shirts and supplies. I will be there from 9 to noon.

The Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society is very proud to announce that we have received funding from the Come Home Year Cleanup Project sponsored by the MMSB Board and the Gov’t of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The purpose of this is to clean up the garbage on our roadsides, and public areas. We are also asking residents and businesses to cleanup their private properties.

Every Saturday, starting on May 28th, and ending on June 18th, we will have a scheduled event from 10 am to 12 noon, for those who would like to join us. We will have refreshments, water, juices and snacks available for you, this can be picked up by the Canon Richards Tearoom, or call me and I will drop it off to you.

We will be supplying garbage bags, rubber gloves, safety vest, and hopefully we will have some reacher grabber tools. Next week sometime we will be placing two dumpsters, one by St. Mark’s Heritage Church and one by Ship Cove Pond. You are welcome to use these to put your garbage in. Please note: Under the rules of MMSB propane tanks and rubber tires are not permitted, so please refrain from throwing these items in the dumpsters. The garbage you pick up on the road if you are able please drop it off to a dumpster or leave it on the side of the road and we will make the necessary arrangements to pick it up.

We have a limited number of t-shirts and security vest available, so please contact me and let me know your t-shirt size.

Of course, we will have to report exactly what we did, I will have a form ready for you fill out, I will have this available next week and I will share it with you on Facebook.

Posters are in the mail, I’m also attaching a copy of the poster. We are asking all those who are able both young and old to participate. When you go for a walk grab a garbage bag, a pair of gloves and pick up the garbage on your route.

Why not make this a family event? Gather your family and friends and join in making our community a place we can all be proud off!

Please contact me by email or call/text 680-1231 and tell me the area that you will be taking care off. We don’t want everyone going to the one place!

We have a group who has indicated that they will cleanup Short Beach.

Thanking you all in advance and we do need your help, we can’t do alone!