St. Luke’s Church

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History of St. Luke’s Church

The first Church of England Church, in Port de Grave, was started in 1823, finished in 1826 and consecrated.  Bishop John Inglis, in July of 1827.  It was build on land purchased from on the Dawe Families and was located on the hill behind the present Church Hall.  1827 was also the year the first clergyman, Rev. Charles Blackman, arrived at Port de Grave.  Robert Prowse, father of Judge Prowse, was the first Church Warden.

This Church was enlarged in 1831 and was replaced by a new Church on the site of the present one, in 1873.  This Church was much bigger having seating for 550 people.  About 1885 a bell was installed in a belfry close to the road.

In 1916 it was found that this building was too small and it was decided to build the present Church, which is 100 feet long and was originally, designed to seat 1,000 people.  A very tall tower (which was shortened in 1949) was built on the Church to house the bell.  It took 10 years to build this Church due to mainly, years of poor fishery and the large number of young men (41) serving in the Armed Forces during World War I.

The Church was finished and consecrated by Bishop White in 1926.  It continues to serve the people of Port de Grave today.

Archdeacon William Strong and the congregation of St. Luke’s invite you to share in our weekly services.