Moments in History

1826 Grave Found in Bareneed!

On Wednesday November 17th, 2021, workers were at work at a cemetery which is virtually unknown and is located west of the property of Baxter Bishop in Bareneed. 

Not a lot is known about this cemetery except to say that we believe it to be Anglican and may be one of the oldest in the Bareneed area.  In total there may be in excess of 10 burial sites within Bareneed and the Dock and these include various church related cemeteries and those private burial sites.

The cemetery located by Baxter Bishops has a large number of grave markers and not many headstones to be seen.  if they are there they could be under a foot or two of soli.  The one observed today is as follows:

ROBERT SEALY who died in 1826 and was 57 years of age which meant that he was born in 1771, that would make him 250 years old.  His tombstone says in part:” Oh may I lie before the lamb, when earth and sea have fled  and hear the judge pronounce my deed with blessings on my head”, not sure that all the words are exact but as close as we could get to the lettering which after 193 years remains visible.

This is but another tidbit from our historic Peninsula.

Priceless Find!

Horse shoe survives 100 years tucked away in the walls of the foyer at St Marks Heritage Church in Bareneed, NL. A rare find indeed with thanks to construction workers who were very observant in finding this horse shoe and realizing its meaning to the people back at least 100 years. It is anticipated that it will become a treasured display for next years come home celebrations!

Stay tuned for more details why the Horseshoe was placed there!

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