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The Port de Grave Peninsula is proud to support our Local Artists, they are all unique in their own field.  To find out more information on what they have to offer please click on any of the following links:

The Canon Richard’s Tearoom:  Located in the former St. Mark’s Old Schoolhouse  hours of operation:  Wednesday to Saturday 10 am to 3 pm, stop by for a delicious meal and pick up some local souvenirs.

Check out some of the items made by local artist:

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Gary Kennedy – World Renowned Artist:  


Artist Statement: Light and shadow are very important elements of my paintings.  I love the unique challenge that light and shadow offers me as a painter.  I like to paint different sizes of paintings but my favorite are large ones.  I like to paint large paintings so I can give the viewer appreciation of depth and composition.  When I complete a large painting I feel it is a great achievement when I exhibit.  I love how people are literally drawn to the canvas.

Gerald Andrews – Author  –          Heritage of a Newfoundland Outport


Heritage Genealogy History Newfoundland Port de Grave
Gerald Andrews
Third re-print now available directly from the author, Bay Roberts Visitor Centre or
Personal Information
To order a book, contact the author directly. Send cheque or money order to address.
Price is $25 + shipping costs.

Jessika & Janalynn Petten – Bakers – Two Sisters Bake by the Ocean.

We are a home-based baking business situated in Port-de-Grave, NL. Our staff consists of two sisters who bake cupcakes, brownies, and cookies.

*All of our treats are made from scratch, and we use all the tasty stuff–real butter, pure vanilla, and dark cocoa. Oh, and sugar. Because we want our treats to taste as delicious as possible, we don’t use fondant. (Apologies to all the fondant-lovers out there!)*Find us at local farmer’s markets and craft fairs in the CBN area, or follow us on facebook for pick-up variety packs 🙂

*We have limited availability for custom orders. To inquire, please send us a private message or an email to

*General Prices are as follows: (more to come)

CUPCAKES (year-round flavours)
1 dozen ~ $27
1/2 dozen ~ $15
**Some specialty flavours may cost extra.

3-Layer CAKES
8″ round starting at $45 (basic) and $56 (fancy)
9″ round starting at $55 (basic) and $66 (fancy)

For more information please contact them at:

Joyce Morgan – Photographer – Specializing in Newfoundland Photos

Nexus July 23 2017 044
Joyce has had the privilege of travelling the province by sea and land visiting many outports and resettled communities.  Along her travels, she as photographed whales, icebergs, puffins, etc.  She also is available for special events, weddings, family portraits and sporting events.
Joyce’s work can be found at the newly open Canon Richard’s Tearoom!
To see her work please check out her website:  Joyce’s Photos or her
For more information please contact Joyce at:
Email:                 Cell:  709-680-1231

 Wayne S. Morgan – The Singing Fisherman
Wayne S. Morgan
The Singing Fisherman
Wayne S. Morgan is a local song writer, singer and plays a variety of musical instruments.  Wayne has written many songs and as a number of CDs out.  If you would like to purchase one of his CDs or find out more information on titles please contact Wayne,   709-786-9633,  Cell 683-5313,  Email:  Wayne.
CDs available at Sam Snows HarbourView Grocery, Clarke’s Beach,  O’Brien’s Music located on Water Street, St. John’s and Fred’s Records, St. John’s.  Now available at the Canon Richard’s Tearoom.
Wayne is well known for his song “Christmas in the Harbour” written for the Annual Boat Lighting.
Another well known song that was written by the late Ruby Petten and performed by
Wayne Morgan “Harbour Days”.

The Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society 
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