PDGPHS Stories, Poems, Photos & Miracles

In this section we want to bring you a selection of stories, songs and poems from yesteryear.  If you have any please share them with us.


Artist George Noseworthy & Student David Lear
George Noseworthy originally from New York, came to Hibbs Cove many years ago and started The Fishermens Museum and gave painting lessons to young boys and girls of the communities.

#8  Greta Hussey:  Here Aunt Greta has she was affectionately known by all who knew her talk about life in Port de Grave.  Recorded by the MUN. Please click on the link               Greta Hussey

#7  A New Year’s Day “miracle” taken from The Navigator – Final Voyages by Jim Wellmen.




#6 Check this out! This is one man that we are all honored to know, look up to and to be able to call him a friend. Vern Petten is very well known here on the Port de Grave Peninsula and throughout the province for his generosity, his knowledge of the Peninsula, his work in the church, the Heritage Society, the Fishermens Museum, Boat Building and his expertise in the fishery and the list goes on! We should all take a lesson from him, he is at the young age of 82 but the way he keeps going you would think he is only 28!
Congratulations Vern, Uncle Vern or Mr. Petten, whatever way you address him, this is a great article!

Mr. Vern Petten

#5 The Capsizing of Joyce’s Dream – June 18, 2008 as told by Joyce in her own words submitted to the Downhome Magazine, once you click on the link, please scroll down to the beginning of the story!

The Capsizing of Joyce’s Dream


#4  Our first one is a poem written by Walter E. Dawe In Loving Memory of Cecil Dawe who was drowned at Harbour Grace, May 19, 1925.  (Please note;  seems like there may be a couple of lines missing at bottom of this page will try and get the poem again.  My apologies.)

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#3:  Miracles Do Happen!  Please check out the story by Harold Stokes and hear his and the crew of the Nautical Legacy 2007.

Harold’s Miracle   start at 6:57

#2:  Please check out Dennis Flynn’s article from the Downhome magazine;  please check on this link:  Dennis Flynn’s Port de Grave Story

#1:  Thank you Marjorie Tucker for this submission:21731832_172526643325561_7896544539349231818_o.jpg

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