Pentecostal Tabernacle

Pentecostal Tabernacle Complex 2017
This is the Pentecostal Church and complex that is used today for their services and all other activities.


Open air meetings took place on a local fisherman’s wharf the year before in 1924, with visiting Pentecostals presiding to share with others information about their faith.

After the first service was held at the Orange Lodge in March 1925, they continued there and in private homes until a new church opened on April 2, 1926. Pastor Elsie Pike was its first minister, with many others having since served the church.

The first Pentecostal School in the community opened in 1955, and on May 26, 1963, a new church opened by Ship Cove Pond. It became a lively site in the early 1970s, when pastors Robert and Phyllis Simmons placed a greater emphasis on music. They taught many young parishioners how to read and play music. Later that decade, a television program born through the ministry of pastors William and Taffie Burton began to air on NTV. “Joyful Sound” was broadcast across the province for a few years and considered a great success for the church.

Two years after a new Pentecostal school opened on the Harbour Hills in 1985, a new church was built adjacent to the school. It officially opened on April 19, 1987. Under the leadership of pastors Junior and Rosabelle Winsor during this time, mission trips to assist those living in poverty became more commonplace. Those endeavors continued after pastors Moral and Tracey Bess took over the local ministry in 1996. The assembly began to support the Village of Hope, a charitable organization helping children throughout Africa.

When the Pentecostal school closed in the late 1990s, the church purchased the building to use as a ministry center. Past pastors Jeffrey and Andrea White assumed control of the ministry in 2009. During their time, substantial renovations have taken place at both cemeteries and inside the church.

After 8 years of serving their Church and the community well, Pastors Jeffrey and Andrea have moved on to a new church in Deer Lake.  We wish them and their boys all the best and may God richly bless them as they begin their new ministry.

Pastor Russ Austin:  Lead Pastor, Pastor Jennifer Austin:  Childrens Ministry & Pastor Isaiah Simms, Youth Pastor led the ministry during this period.

The Pentecostal Tabernacle welcomed Pastor Darryl Lidstone has Lead Pastor, Pastor Jason Rowsell has Asst./Youth Pastor, they began their duties August 2020.

COVID Times:  Church has reopened but you must register to attend.                                                                  Please check out their website Port de Grave Pentecostal Church

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