Come Home Year 2022

1997, 2000, 2022


Sorry for the long winded post but I always have a lot to say☺️

Good afternoon everyone, I am writing this on behalf of our Come Year Home Committee and the Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society.

56 Years ago, 1966, the Government of NL hosted Come Home Year, not sure if there were any activities on the Port de Grave Peninsula at that time, I was a bit to young to remember.

But I was there for the Port de Grave Peninsula Come Home Year Celebrations in 1997, where we all had an amazing time.

Then in 2000 we hosted the Islendigur Celebrations where thousands came to the Peninsula and celebrate the last port of call for the Viking Ship, a week of fun filled activities.

Here we are once again celebrating Come Home Year 2022, sponsored by the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador! Another amazing event on the Peninsula, all those who attended had a wonderful time and if for some reason you missed it check out 5 major events videoed, shared on Facebook and Youtube, checkout my channel joycem1958 for four of these events and for the Ecumenical Church service check out the Port de Grave Pentecostal Tabernacle | Facebook page.

We had a jam packed five days with something for everyone, and even though attendance was low on some events we certainly did have an amazing five days of coming together, meeting old friends, making new ones and like I said at the Opening Ceremonies, “Making Memories”!

A very special thank you to the following who took part and made the event very successful:

St. Luke’s Vestry for the Gospel Concert and wonderful Breakfast.

St. Luke’s ACW for hosting the Afternoon Tear in honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and Come Home Year Celebrations.

St. Luke’s Church for allowing us to have a much-attended Quilter’s Afternoon! Special thanks to all Quilters and Rug hookers who came along and showed off their treasures!!

The Fishermen’s Museum Board and especially to Chris and Brittany for organizing the first annual Museum Days a very successful event. Chris and Brittany have indicated that they are “over the moon” with the success of this event. To Ivan Lear for adding the Mug Up in the Cove event, with the FFAW and owners of Conception Run, what a great morning that was. And for sharing Ben for singing at a Lighthouse picnic. I videoed Ben singing Saltwater Joys, he was sat down, Greenpoint Lighthouse in the background, hardly a ripple on the water, it was spectacular and has been viewed across Canada and the United States. Well done Ben!

PDG Recreation: for your part in providing several kids activities that seemed to be well attended and for providing hot dogs and hamburgers throughout the five days.

Pentecostal Church: Pastors Darryl and Shelley Lidstone for their part, in providing a Kids Activity, access to their parking lot, the Gospel Concert in the Playground and the Ecumenical Church Service, we are forever grateful!

Anglican Parish – Fr. Paul Thoms, for his part in the Ecumenical.

Harris Porter: for organizing the Shine and Show Car show.

Wayne Morgan: for providing sound equipment when needed and helping with the Carshow. Also, organizing singers for the Opening Ceremonies and the Gospel Concert.

Vern Petten/Blair Petten: for hosting the Make and Break engines in their shed. Another very successful event.

Port de Grave Hr. Authority for arranging tours of two 65 footers. Thanks to Blair and Jason for this, over 45 people visited these boats. For those who live for the sea it is hard to imagine, that there are people living on the peninsula and especially those living on the mainland have never had the opportunity to step foot on a boat! According to reports, those who did visit were very appreciative to the owners for allowing them to come onboard!

Iris Petten for leading the walk to the Quarry, another amazing event.

Iris and Roland for the Heritage tour of the community.

Bud Davidge and Friends for an awesome concert!

The Islanders another great night enjoyed by all who attended.

Ben Eddy for providing music when needed and to all our summer students, from Heritage, Museum and Rec, these guys and gals did an awesome job.

A very special Thank you to all our Authors: Gerald Andrews, Ray Andrews, Vernon Petten, Nellie P. Strowbridge Luanne Langdon and Jim Wellman.

To all those who visited the Canon Richards Tearoom during that week, thank you! I’m sure you all went away with your bellies full….

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us in anyway, supporting the 50/50 draws, buying tickets on a print which will be drawn for Sept. 4. For each and everyone who bought an hamburger or hot dog thank you!

Thank you all for coming and don’t forge share your photos with us by using the hashtags #pdgphs#ComeHome2022#explorenl

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Christmas on the Peninsula, starting in early December!! 😁

Once again thank you!

Joyce Morgan, Chairperson

CHY Celebrations 2022

Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society

Special thanks to our committee members: Wayne Morgan, Charlotte Morgan, Don Morgan, Eileen Morgan, Lynnette Langdon Ogden, Chris Porter, Brittany Rose Karen Dawe, Melissa Norris, Stacy Petten, Ross Petten, Iris Petten, Roland Andrews and Barbara Dawe.

Author: Joyce

I love to give credit when credit is due and I love to comment on everyday happenings.

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