Judge Prowse Descendants

Prowse Recognition-Luncheon

Canon Richards Tea Room- Saturday April 30th, 2022

The Prowse association with Port de Grave NL began when Robert Prowse and his family left Torquay Devon in England in 1798 and came to St. John’s as a boy aged 10.  He became the youngest clerk with the firm of John Hill and Company who at the time had a fishing branch operation at Port de Grave.  The Company at the time was not doing well at port de Grave so Robert Prowse was sent there to wind up (close) the business.  Robert Prowse did just that but afterward he took over the operation himself first with another firm but them entirely on his own.

He built a family home in the center of the harbour at Port de Grave in 1824 on the property of one Mary Butler (Butler being a very common name at that time in Port de Grave (Gerald Andrews Book “Heritage of a NL Outport” ).  Robert married and the family eventually consisted of three sons and three daughters, one of the sons Daniel W Prowse went on to be known as the very famous Judge Prowse, lawyer, politician, historian, essayist, and office holder.  This very famous individual was indeed born at Port de Grave and lived on the property knows as the Marsh, most recognisable by locals as prowse marsh or mash.

Over the years, much has been written about the Prowse family and their association to Port de Grave.  Members of the family has retained that close association to the place where their ancestors settled and subsequently adopted Port de Grave as their town and all of them are very proud of their roots.

On Saturday, April 30th, 2020, the Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society hosted a luncheon for members of the Prowse family, Thomas, Daniel, Rebecca, Viola and Rachel.  Some 30 people were in attendance, including Directors of the Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society.  A wonderful lunch was served which included seafood chowder.

Iris petten, President of the Society welcomed the Prowse family and various individuals spoke at the event which included Mona Petten a founding Member of the Heritage Society and she spoke of her long association with members of the Prowse family, as did Edwin Hussey and his many hockey games played on Prowse Marsh.  Both Thomas and Daniel great, great grandsons of Daniel W Prowse also spoke and expressed their pride at being in the place where their acestors first settled to do business in the new world.

Later the family was given a tour of the Peninsula including the area of Prowse Marsh, Green Point, Hibbs Cove and the Harbour Authority Building.

Yet again, the Heritage Society has demonstrated the importance of inclusion for all, especially for those who claim such an attachment to this area of our great province.  Communication with the Prowse family members has continued over the years and in fact the links have grown as more younger family members take up the torch.

As always the Heritage Society lives upon its slogan “ that to know your past determines aspects of your future”.  Together we have created a lasting legacy which shall continue for generations to come.

Judge Prowse was greeted at the court with the following:

Good morning to your worship

Good morning Judge Prowse

Gerald and Rose Andrews presented Gerald’s book
Heritage of A NL Outport : The Story of Port-de Grave, to the family
Iris presented Thomas with his PDG Peninsula Heritage Society Membership Card
Directors and the Prowse Family

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