Music and Friends 2021

The Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society is very proud to announce that we have started our Music and Friends 2021 program. This program is for our Seniors and those who are Disabled.

We have hired two Singers/Musicians Lauren Deering, and Phillip Clarke.

Lauren is from Port de Grave and attending University, a beautiful singer and she is looking forward to entertaining you either by in-person visits or virtually.

Phillip Clarke is from Bay Roberts and attending Ascension Colleigate. Phillip plays the guitar and also a beautiful singer. He to is looking forward to entertaining you.

The program runs until March 31, 2021. We will be sharing their performances online, from our Facebook page or on our YouTube account If you know of someone that cannot access this please contact Joyce Morgan at 683-3673 and she will make arrangements to come to your home and share it with you.

Author: Joyce

I love to give credit when credit is due and I love to comment on everyday happenings.

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