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Tentative name for our upcoming book!

March 1, 2023

Message from the Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society

Good day my friends!.. This correspondence is being directed to you since in one way or another you have had some interaction over the years with somebody from the Port De Grave Peninsula or you have experienced some event in which you were involved or the story came to you in one form or another. So why this now??

The Port de Grave Peninsula Heritage Society Inc., has taken on a very bold adventure which is to compile a Heritage Book of short stories related to events that occurred on the Port de Grave Peninsula –long ago or yesterday. To achieve this goal we need your help and we need it now. Your help will be in the form of a short story, one or ten,- (all may not be published) -of events mentioned above. The story we hope it to be factual, funny, serious, witty, and colourful. Do not use personal names unless the story has been proven true and maybe you were involved but then again TELL THE STORY as you see it—editing will take place and you could be contacted to verify any portion there-of. It can be 300-1000-4000 words you be the judge for your complete story is what’s important I cannot over emphasize the importance of your being involved with us.

In addition, we would like for you to:

1. Forward this request to at least 20 of your friends and family, especially those away from home

2. Submit your story(s) as soon as possible as we have to get editing going immediately

3, Forward your story(s) to Joyce Morgan-Heritage Coordinator at Joyce@pdgphs.com

4. We anticipate having the book completed prior to Christmas 2023, so that is why we need your material NOW.

5. Also Joyce has indicated that for those in the immediate area, she can visit your home and do a video of your story, do a voice recording of your story, or we can loan you a, i-pad so you can do your recording at your home at any time you prefer. We aim to please.

6. You are no doubt aware that this project will be costly, but we have with your financial assistance over come costly projects before. So yet again, here is another way you can contribute along with your story a financial gift which is receiptable and then again writing or recording may not be for you just now–not to worry, you can send us your financial support to have the book published.

To date, we have in excess of 100 short stories to commence editing. To the Bareneed folk, please forward to families who have no siblings remaining on the Peninsula this of course applies to the Dock and Port de Grave.

Thank you for reading and your decision to get involved in one way or another. We will all be proud together of what can be achieved and our children will be blessed with a legacy that will last for generations and for some of us we recall the words of Elijah Cummings—Maryland Democrat when he stated “Children are the message that we send to a Future, we shall never see”

Thanks A Million!

Author: Joyce

I love to give credit when credit is due and I love to comment on everyday happenings.

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