Seniors Program 2021-22

Just want to let everyone know that I am back working with Seniors for the next few weeks, a little different program than last year.

1. I am here if you need someone to take you to medical appointments, drugstore, supermarket or other appointments.

2. I can pick up supplies for you such has meds, groceries, etc.

3. If you need a technology fix, example your phone or iPad, tablet is not working or you have a new device I can help. Some work on a laptop or desktop.

4. Something new! Are you home alone and have the internet but no device to contact your friends or family, call me, we can loan you a tablet for a couple of weeks or longer depending on demand.

5. Storytelling: Something like last year, I will be conducting interviews from anyone 55 and over who would like to share a story with us or tell us about your parents, grandparents or what it was like growing up. Everyone loved the “In Conversation with Seniors” last year, so lets continue this. We all have stories to tell, for example have you ever wondered how the Morgans received the nick name Barbers? Or why another family of Morgans are called the Reds?? Interesting stuff and there is so much to tell. I do have several people lined up but looking for more, please help us preserve our history. This year I am offering two options a video interview or for those who are camera shy, we can do audio only, I will record your voice and use it in a photo slide show.

6. Yoga Classes – we have two Yoga classes starting tomorrow, we do have a couple of spaces available if you are interested.

7. We will be bringing to you a Walking Soccer program. Walking soccer is a low-impact version of the traditional game, ideal for those with mobility issues and for those who are looking for a new fun experience. The league will be led by a seventy-year-old local soccer enthusiast. We are in the process of planning this activity, once the details are all worked out we will let you know.

8. Elder Abuse – information will be shared with you via email, and on our website. This information will be shared with us by the Gov’t of Canada and the RCMP.

So it’s going to be a busy few weeks and months! We want you onboard with us! Please contact me via Facebook Messenger, email:, call or text 683-3673.

Thanks and looking forward to working with you and giving a helping hand!

One important note, there is absolutely NO charge to you!

Joyce Morgan

Please share with your family and friends who are 55 plus and especially let those know who don’t have Facebook or internet.

Author: Joyce

I love to give credit when credit is due and I love to comment on everyday happenings.

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